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    Jiaomi Tiancui——Cantaloupe Type

    Jiaomi Tiancui——Cantaloupe Type


      This medium-late-maturing thick-peel new muskmelon variety was developed by Jiaoxue company in 2013, sharing features of hami melon. It features strong-growing plant, large leaves, thick vine, strong comprehensive disease-resistance ability, wide adaptability, protected cultivation and open field cultivation in midland and western areas available, 45-50 days from flower blossoming to maturing, oval fruit, black-green peel with netted lines, orange-red flesh, 5cm thick flesh, 17-19% sugar content and over 21% at most, crispy refreshing taste, high sweetness with little variation, good quality, about 3000g per fruit and over 5000g at most, few fallen or cracked fruits, tolerance to storage and transport.